”Δεν είναι από περηφάνεια ούτε από ακροβατική διάθεση που αναζητάμε τα βουνά. Τα άγνωστα βουνά μας μαθαίνουν να βρίσκουμε τον δρόμο μας, να μετράμε τη φύση των εμποδίων και το μέτρο της δικής μας αντίστασης.”

Άγονη Γραμμή

Ένα μόνο χωριό. Πολλές μικρές, πανέμορφες παραλίες και άλλα τόσα μονοπάτια που σε πιάνουν από το χέρι για να σε ξεναγήσουν σε ομορφιές απάτητες και ονειρικές. Το οδικό δίκτυο σχεδόν ανύπαρκτο. Ο τόπος σε παίρνει από το χέρι και σε καλεί να τον ανακαλύψεις

Citius, Altius, Fortius

Inspired by the story of Notis who lost his leg after a car accident, I created a series of photos by following him for a day in the swimming pool during his fitness program. Notis is a member of the Greek national wheelchair basketball team. This series of photos was created as a trigger for a greater visibility for the Paralympic athletes as they give number of other “fights” with much greater authenticity in a more challenging and greater substance in the world of sports. Under difficult circumstances, athletes often make more effort than some Olympics practitioners, although Paralympic races do not enjoy the same visibility as the Olympic Games, therefore I believe that Paralympics athletes deserve more view.


Eternity in common parlance is an infinitely long period of time. In classical philosophy, however, eternity is defined as what exists outside time while sempiternity is the concept that corresponds to the colloquial definition of eternity. In Aristotle’s Metaphysics, eternity is the unmoved mover (God), understood as the gradient of total synergy (“produces motion by being loved”). Boethius defined eternity as “simultaneously full and perfect possession of interminable life”.

Abandoned smoke house

Ερειπωμένοι τοίχοι. Εγκατάλειψη. Περασμένες μορφές κυκλοφορούνε αδιάφορα Χρόνος παλιός χωρίς υπόσταση Τίποτα πια δε θ’ αλλάξει δω μέσα. Είναι μια ήρεμη σιωπή μην περιμένεις απάντηση Κάποια νύχτα μαρτιάτικη χωρίς επιστροφή Χωρίς νιότη, χωρίς έρωτα, χωρίς έπαρση περιττή. Κάθε Μάρτη αρχίζει μιαν Άνοιξη. Το βιβλίο σημαδεμένο στη σελίδα 16 Το πρόγραμμα της συναυλίας για την άλλη Κυριακή. Μ. Αναγνωστάκης



Eye of the storm

Diving deep, diving deep in the blue sea. The sense of freedom that surrounds your body and the lack of gravity that exist make you feel free. Calendar shows 21st of June the first day of summer. The sky has dark purple color with clouds of rain ready…


Hot town, summer in the city Back of my neck getting dirty and gritty Been down, isn’t it a pity Doesn’t seem to be a shadow in the city The lyrics are twisting in my mind while I’m walking in the almost empty street. Sunday mid-​August and the city is…


Nafplio is a small town in Peloponnese, Greece. The name is the remnant of the old venetian name Napoli di Romania, from the greek “nea poli”=“new town” of Romania, the name of the area during the late byzantine times. Nafplio was the second capital of newly formed Greece after Mesologgi until the capital eventually became Athens. It is an historical city due to its meaning to the Greek Revolution. It has a fantastic centre with small neoclassical historical houses, squares and churches. Nowadays, when taking a walk in the picturesque alleys of the Old Town, visitors are drawn by the venetian balconies and the wonderful neoclassical buildings and mansions, images that bring feelings of sweet nostalgia. The major reference point of the old town is Syntagma sq., a very large square, where the Venetians held their headquarters at old times.


Ekstasis : “to be or stand outside oneself, a removal to elsewhere“ Album “ekstasis” is a selection of photos taken during the rehearsal of the theatrical play Donna Abbandonata.

Mobile Up Load

Photos taken exclusively from my mobile phone.